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Women Beyond Mid-Life: Charting a Conscious Path
How can women, ages 50-70+, successfully navigate the unique challenges
that often arise after mid-life?
How do we find meaningful answers to questions about careers,
post-retirement lives, and self-in-relationships? 
Where can we turn for guidance, help, and support?

Jeri Mersky, Ph.D. (Organizational Psychologist) and Beate Lohser, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychologist)

have been in practice over 30 years.

We’ve discovered that creating a space where women can come together, learn from

and help one another, is a very effective way of addressing the questions above.

That’s why we offer the one-day "Women Beyond Mid-Life: Charting a Conscious Path" workshop.

It is created specifically for women who are in periods of transition and change.


Keep reading to learn more.

Upcoming workshops
July 21, 2018 
FALL 2018
October 13, 2018
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