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“We gathered with some trepidation, what sort of group would this be? We found it to be:

 ~ of our making
 ~ open and free to take any form
 ~ gently and professionally guided by Jeri and Beate
 ~ no judgment and no fear
 ~ lots of great discoveries and accomplishment
 ~ a valuable journey."

Georgia Vaughan, mother and professional, soon to be empty-nester

“By thoughtfully and gently guiding us through reflections on our past, present and future lives, Jeri and Beate helped us consider how prior choices do not necessarily determine future options. A group of very different women, most of us meeting for the first time, quickly found common ground and built a remarkably supportive and respectful camaraderie.”

Molly Fraker, retired non-profit leader

"Women Beyond Midlife: Charting a Conscious Path was an incredibly helpful and meaningful learning experience facilitated by two highly
skilled and caring professionals. The small informal group quickly bonded over common “beyond mid-life” issues offering both intelligent discourse and emotional support. The deceptively simple exercises helped me make significant connections between past, present and future paths informing a realistic and hopeful plan for my future. I left with a real sense of purpose, ready to put well-conceived plans into action. And, perhaps most important of all, I felt heard, validated and no longer alone in this time of transition."


Cathy Gansen, Sr. Manager-IT, Levi Strauss & Co.

"Without preconceived notions of what to expect from our workshop, Women Beyond Mid-Life: Charting a Conscious Path, it was an experience that was just what I needed.

Our group of ladies were at all different stages in their life journey and our experienced guides planned a format that met our individual needs.   With a focus on now, the past that got us here, and our near-term desires, we each ended the day with individual plans and a sense of affirmation.   The harmony of our group of women has led us to want to meet again in a quarter's time to talk about our progress and refresh our plans.  I feel supported, energized, inspired and focused!"


Alison Corbett, Retired


"This was an extraordinary workshop! I joined with several friends and we all felt that it was helpful and enjoyable. Highly recommend! Jeri and Beate are both really talented and lovely."


Meg-Monique Roe, Vice President of Strategy and Integration, Covia 

"I very much enjoyed the woman's workshop given by Jeri and Beate. I appreciated the combination of their individual expertise that they provided and really liked the small group atmosphere for sharing. The women in the group were very supportive and nonjudgmental. The workshop validated that I wasn't the only one going through a loss because of retiring or children leaving for college. The workshop was very organized but left plenty of time for introspection. I especially liked the project where we imagined our perfect life in the future!”


 Joanne Coyne, Small Business Owner

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